Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, we have changed our office policy for entry. Everyone must ring our doorbell for service. Prior to entry, you will be asked several questions via our intercom system. Upon satisfactory answering of questions, you will be given a COVID-19 form for completion through our door slot. Once finished, you will have your temperature taken and escorted into our office. All individuals must wear a mask. Only those with appointments are allowed to be in the office at this time. We are active participants in flattening the curve and appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


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Unstuck: Moving Toward Your Ideal Life – Pre-Order


Dr. Kristi Williams Dumas, a psychologist, found herself feeling lost and stuck in the throes of the pandemic. Kristi used the fear and uncertainty she felt as tools to create momentum. Dr. Dumas intimately shares the trauma, loss, and revelation that propelled her personal pivot. Unstuck: Movement Towards Your Ideal Life is a collection of writings and self-reflective activities designed to assist the reader in actualizing all of the tools, talents, resources, and gifts they already possess to enjoy their ideal life. The book takes a deep dive into how adverse lived experiences limit an individual’s willingness to take risks and causes immobilization in or out of a pandemic. Unstuck is a concise, fluid read formatted for individuals with varying degrees of attention. It is packed with content and plenty of occasions to gain insight. Unstuck is the best opportunity to control and literally re-write the narrative of your life.