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Two locals collect professional clothing to donate to community

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Walking into a job interview can be extremely intimidating. You might be asking yourself, “Will I say the right thing?” “Am I qualified?”

But Dr. Kristi Dumas and Robert Dunlap want to make sure the people in the Beckley community do not stress about one thing: “Do I look the part?”

“It really comes down to feeling and looking the part, as well as having the tools necessary to function in that arena that you are looking to get into,” said Dumas.

That is why Dumas and Dunlap started the Beckley Success Closet. They want to collect new or gently used professional clothing and give the clothes to the community.

“And it may just be that thing, maybe that garment gives them that confidence or a little more visibility in that marketplace they want to break into,” Dunlap said.

But they will not just donate the clothes. A steering committee will help that person pick out an outfit and dress for the job they want.

“They get outfitted so that they feel confident and they feel secure in moving forward with their lives,” Dumas said.

It could be an interview for a position at a law firm, a fast food chain, or a nursing facility.
All of which require a different outfit.

They also teamed up with other organizations in the community to provide other resources like resume building and virtual interview help.

“The stewards have offered not only to assist people in prepping them for virtual interviews but also providing them with a space to actually have the interview that is quiet, that has a professional background,” Dumas explained.

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